On July 14th, the 4th shipment of humanitarian aid from CGIL campaign in favor of the Ukrainian population victims of the war was delivered to the Slovak humanitarian association People in Need Slovakia.

The load consisted of 33 pallets: 13 pallets of food collected by FLAI CGIL, 10 pallets of personal hygiene products purchased by the national campaign fund and 10 Electrolux washing machines purchased through the same fund in cooperation with FIOM CGIL. The warehouse for the storage was made available by the ASTER cooperative of Udine, thanks to the management of FILT CGIL. Transportation from Udine to the People in Need warehouse, on the border between Slovakia and Ukraine, was offered by the transport company Samer & amp; Co. Shipping S.p.A., of Trieste.

Since the beginning of March 2022, People in Need Slovakia has been carrying out humanitarian assistance activities (food, hygiene and cleaning products, mattresses, washing machines, refrigerators, and other basic necessities) in about 40 districts of Transcarpathia (out of 64), including psychological and educational assistance programs for war victims. This includes cities but also small villages that are poorly accessible and receive only little, if any, material support.

The beneficiaries are mostly internally displaced people living in collective centers (often in schools or kindergartens, about eight people in a classroom), but in some districts our support also goes to internally displaced people living with families. These are mainly women, children and the elderly. Currently, there are approximately 130,000 registered internally displaced persons in the Transcarpathian region, but the estimated number of all internally displaced persons (even unregistered) is much higher. Many of the beneficiaries have lost their homes in eastern Ukraine and they will therefore remain in Transcarpathia for a long time. New displaced people are expected to arrive as the war continues and more and more people arriving have suffered violence, trauma and loss.