CGIL expresses deep concern about the growing tensions on the borders of Ukraine and it strongly condemns any initiative that could undermine peace and stability in Europe. Our trade union also reiterates its opposition to any war and conflict. The lives, well-being and safety of millions of people are concretely jeopardized by this escalation.

CGIL calls on the Italian government, EU member States and EU institutions to engage in an active neutrality initiative to reduce tensions and to promote a political agreement between all parties. Given that this is a crisis on the doorstep of Europe, the silence of the United Nations and the EU's inability to play the role of a reliable and authoritative mediator are worrying signs. A decisive intervention by the European institutions is needed to define a negotiating framework that could allow the reaching of a global agreement on security in Europe, by applying the Minsk agreements and in compliance with the Helsinki agreements, also reaffirming the principle of border inviolability .

The Italian government and the European Union must reiterate their rejection of any type of military intervention, relaunching negotiations on weapons reduction starting with the INF treaty on medium-range nuclear forces, promoting a climate of de-tension and cooperation.

CGIL reiterates the statements in article 2 of its Statute and it confirms that it "inspires its action to the conquest of international relations in which all peoples live together in security and peace, committed to lastingly preserving humanity and nature, free to choose their own destinies and to determine their own forms of government".

Our trade union is engaged in defending the right of peoples to self-determination and those principles guaranteed by all European and international trade unions and institutions.