Our solidarity campaign with the Ukrainian population is underway. We are collecting funds in every CGIL headquarters, in the workplaces, in the SPI leagues, and we are also gathering basic necessities to be delivered to the associations that assist refugees at the borders and to Ukrainian trade unions that are helping internally displaced persons.

This large and generous mobilization allowed us to plan an initial shipment of about 10 tons of basic necessities that were delivered to the Ukrainian union for those who are housed in hotels and in temporary residences in Ukraine. Delivery took place on the border between Slovakia and Ukraine at the end of March. This operation benefited from the coordination and logistical support of the Slovak trade union.

The following organizations also collaborated in the first shipment of goods: CGIL Lombardia, CdLM of Milan, CGIL Emilia Romagna, Nexus, FLAI CGIL, FILT CGIL.

Here is the list of products that we have been collecting according to the information received from the Slovakian trade union and the "People in Need" association (Slovakia):

  • Foods: dry biscuits, soluble barley, tea bags, UHT milk, fruit juices, dried fruit, crackers, chocolate (tablets), rice.
  • Early childhood: Baby food, Biscuits, Diapers, Sanitizing wipes, creams (Fissan type).
  • Personal and miscellaneous hygiene: Paper towels, toilet paper, paper handkerchiefs, plasters of various sizes, bialcol or skin disinfectant, gauze (10X10 cm) for small dressings, cotton, gel, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes for hands and intimate hygiene , sanitary napkins.
  • Logistics: Flashlights and batteries for the night, plastic cups, plastic spoons, plastic plates, garbage bags.

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A solidarity journey to Sobrance

At the end of March, a delegation of CGIL delivered the first shipment of humanitarian aid to the Ucrainian union FPU. The solidarity action was aimed to relieve the refugees who fled the bombs
A solidarity journey to Sobrance
A solidarity journey to Sobrance
A second shipment of humanitarian aid has been sent to the Ukrainian trade union FPU aimed at supporting the internal displaced persons hosted by the trade union in 10 hotels. The goods were gathered by Genoa CGIL and delivered on May 11th at Sobrance.

A second shipment of humanitarian aid was sent to the Ukrainian union FPU,  with the aim of supporting the internally displaced people hosted by the union in a dozen reception centers in the south-west of the country. The collection was conducted by CGIL Genoa and delivered on May 11th in Sobrance. The shipment consisted of 20 europallets of sanitary materials, drugs, personal hygiene products, for a total value of 40 thousand euros.