CGIL has called on October 7th a national demonstration in Rome. The demo has been called together with a wide network of NGOs and is part of the European trade union mobilisation “On the road for a fair deal for workers, against the return to austerity policies" (visuals).

We will demonstrate for decent jobs, for an increase of wages and pensions and the establishment of a minimum wage, against precarious working conditions, for the defence and implementation of the Italian Constitution, the right to public health, education, environmental protection, against any further transfer of competences to the regions, for peace. 

At the end of august we have started a campaign of workplace assemblies, open to all workers and citizens, be them CGIL affiliates or not.  We are consulting the membership on our platform - which is alternative to the government's economic and social policies - asking them to vote and support the mobilisation, including a possible general strike. We will also  participate in the French trade unions' demonstration in Paris on October 13th and advocate for a euro-demonstration.

→ Trade union solidarity messages for the CGIL national demonstration on 7 October

→ Leaflets English - French - Spanish - Arabic - Romanian - Punjabi